Thursday, 5 November 2015


  • Many things can turn silver black or green, it usually happens with rings:-

  1. Hand creams and some perfumes can react with silver.

  • Acidic skin – people who seem to have a high meat diet can turn silver black.

  • Working in an atmosphere which has more sulphur in it (general pollution in the atmosphere)

  • A very hot day can cause sweat underneath your ring and the silver can react , especially with a tight fitting ring or a wide ring.

  • Silver will react if it comes into contact with chemicals such as bleach and copper.

  • Silver is one of the softest precious metals so will scratch quite easily.

If your ring does turn black it can very easily be polished again, Goldfinger Hand makes silver jewellery and will also rhodium plate (Platinum Plate) your silver jewellery for extra protection and strength but this may need to be done once or twice a year and this does incur a small charge to cover the costs of the rhodium plating.