Thursday, 19 November 2015



Wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings are worn every day for many years and most of us at some point will need our rings sized up or down.  But do not worry because a good jeweller will be able to size your ring for you up or down between 1 and 3 sizes depending on the depth and weight of the band.   If your band is very thin a piece of metal can be added and if you have the re-size done by a qualified goldsmith then you should not see a join.  
Precious metals are malleable so they can be stretched or reduced without any problems by an experienced jeweller.  It is always easier to size or repair a piece of jewellery if you have first hand knowledge of the item so before leaving your precious rings ask if they will be repairing the rings or sending them away for repair by a third party.  A good jeweller will be able to add a new band to your ring, new head or repair the claws and re-set the diamonds or replace a lost diamond. 9ct and 18ct white gold will need to be rhodium plated again once it has been sized.   Goldfinger specialise in making and repairing rings and other jewellery with over 40 years experience so if you need help give us a call on 0207 405 7590