Thursday, 5 November 2015

Top 10 Christmas and New Year proposals

  •  Under the Christmas tree – wrap lots of little presents and put them under the Christmas tree but put the engagement ring right at the back.

  •      Do it in the Snow – why not wait until that perfect time when it snows and take her to a special place and propose in the snow.

  • Spell it out – being Christmas and New Year there will be lot of lights and decorations so write “will you marry me” in lights or hang the ring on the tree.

  •      Santa little helpers – why not dress up your pet or children and have them give her the message and ring.

  • Be creative – if you are an artistic person you could make her an advent calendar and put the ring in the last box.

  •  New Year countdown – That special night to forget the past and start anew is a great time to do your marriage proposal wait till the stroke of midnight or when the fireworks start and get down on one knee.

  • On the door step – wait till you have done all the presents and you are off to the family dinner ring the door bell and turn to her get down on one knee, sharing your special moment with your family.

  • New Year’s resolution – Book a nice meal out in a place she has always wanted to go and give her your New Year’s resolution list, list 10 resolutions and the last one being TO GET MARRIED as she looks up ask her “will you marry me?”

  • Christmas morning – Romantic cold Christmas morning set the atmosphere light the fire, candles and presents the perfect time to pop the question.

  • Christmas treasure hunt – If she likes fun and games then why not plan a treasure hunt but keep the clues simple and finish in a place that she will love and then propose.