Monday, 3 July 2017

 Why book a wedding planner?

Your wedding day is possibly one of the biggest days of your lives, which can cause a lot of pressure to get it right and doesn’t get any easier if it is a small intimate wedding or a large elaborate wedding. So, having a wedding planner can simplify this for you.

A wedding planner is not there to run the whole show! They can be someone you go to book venues and suppliers. As a wedding planner, they will have a lot of contacts whom will have exclusive offer deals with and they would have a good knowledge of the type of venue you are looking for.

You might just need a little help with table plans and menus, just the little things that are very time consuming. A wedding planner can look over all your contacts, insurance and booking form for all your suppliers and can negotiate on details and price.

Your wedding day should one of the most memorable occasions, a wedding planner should not take over but simply offer ideas you may have not considered, support where you need it, help in areas you may unsure of and generally relive the pressure and stress that comes with planning a wedding.

Some brides have a wedding planner just for the day of the wedding, this will give you the chance to relax and enjoy your special day. The wedding planner will work with you to arrange the times and coordination for the day.

Expensive?? A good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold. Obviously, there is an additional cost but it is definitely worth it, to save time and money. Using the experience and knowledge of reliable suppliers will help you to stay within your budget and saving you money overall.

Goldfinger Rings met up with one of our recommended wedding planners Lisa Evans of Taylored weddings. She is a very charming, professional and has been working in the wedding industry since 2011. 

See her website for more details