Friday, 19 May 2017

Re-Fashion your Jewellery

Yes that's right Re-Fashion! You can re-fashion almost any piece of jewellery in to a more in fashion item by adding more stones to changing the metal from Gold to Platinum. In this day and age,
we love to restore old houses, old furniture, old cars so why not restore your beloved jewellery that might have seen better days.
Jewellery was meant to be worn!

 So many people are passed down amazing jewellery but it might  not be quite to your taste, design something to suit you, use the diamonds and gem stones to make a  stunning new piece of jewellery. We can help whatever the item of jewellery, we offer free consultations at home or our meeting room in London.

Family Run company & UK manufacturer.

Also Did you know you should have your jewellery re-valued every 3 years? We offer new valuations and we can also do a probate valuation on a lost loved one’s jewellery.

So if you would like to book a 
free consultation please contact us on 0207 4057590 and we will
happily arrange a day and time around you. 

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