Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Natural coloured diamonds
What so many people do not know is that you can get natural coloured diamonds in almost any colour in the rainbow.  Yellow and brown also known  as Champagne and Cognac or chocolate diamonds are the more commonly found and red, orange, pink, blue, purple, violet and green diamonds being much rarer are also more expensive.
Natural coloured diamonds are very rare which is why we all have to pay such a high premium to purchase them but to put it into prospective 1 in 10,000 diamonds found are coloured diamonds and they are only found in a few mines in the world.
Australia – The Argyle diamond mine supplies 90% of the worlds pink, purple, brown and red diamonds
Africa –The Cullinan diamond mine is the world’s majority of orange diamonds but also supplies a large amount of yellows and blue but just a small amount of green diamonds.
Russia – If it is purple or violet diamonds you are looking for then Siberia is where you will need to go although it will be hard to find one as these are the rarest of all the coloured diamonds almost non-existent.
All natural coloured diamonds are very rare but blue diamonds are the desirable colour so they also tend to be the most expensive of all the coloured diamonds.
Just like white diamonds the cost of a coloured natural diamond will depend on the grade of the stone, so the normal cut, clarity, colour and carat weight applies but you are not looking for the perfect white colourless diamond you are now looking for the colour to be rich and intense.   For example you can have a yellow diamond which is a weak pale yellow right up to a bright yellow so the more intense the yellow the more money the yellow diamond will cost.  The same applies for pink diamonds, blue diamonds, red diamonds and all the other coloured diamonds.

If you cannot find what you want in your budget then it might be worth looking at treated coloured diamonds are these are still beautiful but more affordable.
But if you need any help finding that perfect coloured diamond ring click the link below and have your ring designed and make just for you.