Thursday, 22 January 2015

Shaped Diamond Wedding Rings by Goldfinger Rings
Do you need a shaped wedding to fit around your engagement ring?

Well we are here to help there are so many different and unusual engagements ring these days and trying to fit that perfect wedding ring off the shelf that fits and compliments your engagement ring is very hard, This is why so many people are opting to have a handmade ring.
The standard shaped wedding rings are cut-out, wishbone, gentle bend and hook shaped. These of course, sometimes will still not fit! In that case you will need to use a company like us to help you. We can take a shaping from your engagement ring without taking your engagement ring away and make you a deeper wishbone ring or a hook shaped wedding ring to fit only your engagement ring.
Any unusual shaped engagement ring can have a “shaped to fit” wedding band from single and multi stone rings to cluster rings, it helps to try on sample wedding rings with your engagement ring to see which shapes look best. You can have various patterns and diamonds added to your shaped wedding ring, or copy the engagement ring so that they look like a matching set.
Remember to try on shaped rings so that you are happy with the style, as a wishbone or bend can sometime leave small gaps, some people are happy with this but others want the ring to fit perfectly. When ordering your shaped ring we recommend to order the same metal as your engagement ring to make sure the colour is the same if white metals and to ensure the rings do not damage each other.
In most cases, if you do have a wedding ring made to fit your engagement ring from a designer and manufacturer like Goldfinger, you are cutting out the “middle men” which usually means it will be cheaper than the high streets and better quality. If you concerned about having your wedding ring made for you and then you not like it, ask to see a design by CAD (computer aided design) which most bespoke jewellers will be able to offer you, for your piece of mind.