Monday, 10 November 2014

Pave Set Diamond Rings by Goldfinger Rings

Pave setting diamonds is very popular and there are two types of setting pave and micro pave but you can choose whether you want a single row or double row of pave set diamonds on your ring.  Pave setting can be side by side or alternate but a good pave set ring will look mainly diamonds with small metal pips in between each stone.  Micro pave can only be used for very small diamonds.  A good setter will know just how much metal to put around each stone to get the best effect but still keep the diamond secure.  Goldfinger Rings  hand sort each diamond so that each stone is the same size so our setter does not have to use more metal to make each stone look the same.

Goldfinger Rings also set the diamonds into a solid ring, which means no holes underneath, this keeps the diamonds clean and means you will not get soap stuck underneath your ring which can cause skin irritation.  If a diamond is symmetrically cut it will get its sparkle from the top of the stone because the light bounces into the stone hits the side walls and bounces out again this is why we can set the diamonds into a solid ring and not lose any of the brightness we all love about diamonds.
A solid ring also means the ring is stronger and can be sized without the risk of losing the diamonds and you can have a full 26 character engraving message if you wish inside the ring.