Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to choose an Engagement Ring

The most important thing to buying an Engagement ring is to DO YOUR RESEARCH and look at the stones using a eye glass, Know what you are buying before you commit. 

 There are so many different styles of engagement rings, remember to look at the styles that better fit your lifestyle. Think ahead of what style of wedding you would like a see if they fit nice together. If you are on a budget then make sure you go for a single stone design as you will get a bigger better stone for your money. if you like unusual shapes then make sure you can get a matching wedding ring to see and check if they fit nicely together, as you might need a shaped to fit wedding ring.

The best metals to choose for low maintenance would be Platinum, Palladium and red gold, yellow gold, as these do not need Rhodium plating every 3-6 months for people with hard labour jobs, all white gold is Rhodium plated and cheaper but can cost more over time. Remember the metal you buy your engagement ring is the same metal you should buy for your wedding, this helps the rings to last and not wear to much over the years.
Some people cannot see the difference in the diamond setting but it can make a lot of difference depending on what hobbies you have or your lifestyle.
Bezel set is the safest setting, Pave set is for a more vintage look and channel set is a more popular modern setting also very safe. The French V slip or Cathedral set lets a lot of light in to the stones so is very nice for diamond wedding rings and engagement rings shoulder stones.

We always recommend to look at diamond grading charts before you buy an Engagement ring, it helps to know what you are buying and where's best for you to spend your money. Clarity is the most important as this is the imperfections in the stone, next is colour, D highest and Z Lowest. Then the Cut, the more symmetrically cut the stone the better the sparkle. When talking about Carat people think it is the size but this is not true it is the weight of the stone.

Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular shaped of diamonds as this cut will sparkle more than other cuts, a good Emerald cut diamond is nearly as clear as water. Princess cut diamonds if you get a symmetrically cut stone will be almost as sparkly as a brilliant cut.
Remember that the symmetry is as important as the Colour, Clarity, Carat.

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