Thursday, 16 July 2015

Men’s Guide to Top 10 Proposal Tips

  • Plan ahead it will show in your proposal that you have taken your time and thought about the little details – Don’t leave it until the week before.
  • When looking for an Engagement ring set the amount you can afford, don’t go above your means! It is traditional to spend one month’s salary.
  • Take her window shopping for a watch or piece of jewellery you would like, she will stray and won’t be able to resist looking at the rings, try to make small talk about the rings she is looking at. But you can never go wrong with a single stone Diamond Solitaire engagement ring
  • The hardest part is not the proposal or the fear that she will say NO, it is getting the right ring! So make sure you go to a Jeweller who will Design and Make the ring with the option to change the ring after she has said YES
  • Book somewhere special to propose like a Romantic Meal or a holiday away or that special place you share. Always propose early in the evening so that she can enjoy the ring and all the things you have planned for her.
  • Invite her family and friends to share the moment just hidden out of sight so that you can all celebrate straight away, best of both worlds.
  • If you are planning an elaborate public proposal then make sure she is up for it as it could all blow up in your face!
  • It is important to get advice from her family and friends who you trust, so they will not ruin your surprise.
  • What to say!! Of course the “ will you marry me?” but before all that tell her how she makes you feel and what you love about her but keep your Proposal speech short  so not to put too much pressure on yourself.  If you are confident enough go down on one knee.  Look into her eyes so she knows you are sincere.
  • Try to act normally! Most women can work out what is happening as most men act out of character, so try to be as normal as possible.