Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blog: Rose Gold

Rose Gold is all the rage at the moment with so many designers doing their ranges in Rose Gold like watches and bracelets but many ladies and Gents are wanting Rose gold wedding bands, so we at Goldfinger Rings have put together a blog to tell you all about Rose Gold.
What is Rose Gold - Coloured gold’s are produced by alloying other metals that impart their colour characteristics to the gold as all gold starts out as yellow gold and the alloys are added to get the desired colour for example rose gold is alloyed with copper and silver to give its distinct colour.
Compare Gold’s – Rose Gold is approximately the same hardness as yellow and white gold so you can wear Rose with any colour gold in the same carat. Rose gold prices are normally the same price as white gold which is a little more expensive than yellow due to having more expensive alloys in their mix.
Rose gold is achieved by adding for example in 18ct (yellow) gold 75% pure yellow gold is added with 20% copper and 5% silver. Rose gold does not need anymore care taken than yellow as the hardness is comparable.
Why buy Rose Gold – The current fashion is to have Rose gold rings, watches, bracelets etc. All the Celebs are buying  their jewellery in 18ct blush rose gold at the moment things like rings and watches covered in diamonds and  Rose gold is stunning , Why not try a Rose gold ring with a white gold ring together as a lovely contrast. When Rose gold is first made it will seem quite red however because of the copper content with time it will oxidise and achieve its wonderful patina of a rose appearance commonly referred to as old gold.
 If you are wanting the darker Red gold then the best gold to buy would be 9ct Rose gold as it has more copper in the alloy mix.
If you want the blush Pink gold then 18ct Rose gold is the best gold to buy as it has less copper and more silver in the alloy mix to give that beautiful blush pink colour.
History of Rose Gold - Rose gold first became fashionable in Russia in the 19th century then spread in its popularity through Europe during the Victorian era. In the 1920s Cartier introduced it iconic Trinity Ring of the coloured gold bands yellow, Rose and white, commonly know as the Russian Wedding Ring.
Things to think about – Gold is a wonderful metal, which ever colour you choose, other precious metals such as platinum and palladium are harder and both of these are hypoallergenic. Most chemicals that would damage precious metals would also affect your skin however a little known fact is that chlorine eats away at gold even chlorinated swimming pools can damage gold jewellery if constantly exposed resulting in metal loss especially around stone settings.

If you want to buy a Rose gold ring you must remember that if you are wearing it next to other ring you must buy the same carat gold i.e. 9ct with 9ct, 18ct with 18ct ,so that one will not wear the other away over the years.