Friday, 2 May 2014

Is An Invisible Set Diamond Ring The Right Choice For You?

If you love diamonds as much as we do then you’ll know that on some occasions, one diamond just isn’t enough! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all. If your idea of the perfect ring is one with as many diamonds on it as possible, that doesn’t cost the earth, then an invisible set diamond ring is ideal for you. 

Invisible set diamond rings are achieved through “invisible setting”, first introduced in France more than two centuries ago. A highly precise procedure, the result creates a beautiful display of small diamonds around a singular ring. The technique places each diamond into a metal framework, which holds the diamond firmly in place, securely attaching it to enable it to withstand the pressure of everyday use. The metal framework securing the diamonds is invisible so the end result is a solid surface of beautiful sparkling diamonds that sit side by side.

Here at Goldfinger Rings, we hand pick each diamond to ensure that the each one is the same size. We are able to set each diamond into a solid ring whilst still showing off their sparkle and brightness. By setting the diamonds into a solid ring, it maintains the rings strength and enables it to be sized without the risk of losing the diamonds.
Invisible set diamond ring

There are a many advantages to choosing an invisible set diamond ring aside from simply displaying more than one diamond. If you can’t afford to spend money on one big expensive diamond, the technique of invisible setting can create the illusion of a large central 1 carat diamond by using several smaller 0.5 carat ones to create it. Alternatively, you may want a large central gemstone, which surrounding smaller diamonds will enhance beautifully.  Furthermore, invisible setting can be flexible, providing you with the opportunity to create a completely unique ring by choosing the exact quantity of diamonds and their size. 

As well as invisible setting, we also offer a personalisation service with the option to have a message engraved on the inside of the ring making it a truly special gift. 

For more information and to view our invisible set diamond rings, please visit ourdiamond rings page. Alternatively, call one of our expert designers on 0207 405 7590 to discuss your personal needs.